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Honey and Clover Icontest

Revolving as my bittersweet memory.

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A friendly competition for Honey and Clover icons.

After 150 weeks, this community is now closed. Thanks for all your support over the years!

Welcome to hc_icontest, the only Honey and Clover icontest on LJ!

For those who aren't aware, an icontest is a weekly function on LJ where people can join and submit their icons to be voted on and to potentially win placings. There's no real reason for it, other than for bragging rights and spiffy banners. An icontest follows a basic post structure: the submission stage, the voting stage and the winners stage. The cycle repeats and everyone's happy :)

Your friendly neighborhood mod is inquisitory (pink_writer is on indefinite hiatus), so feel free to contact me if you have any questions :3

The current layout features an scan from AnimePaper, spire's lovely CSS, and a background from sugarbones.

Submission (Sunday night to Saturday morning):
›› Three are posted Sunday night, and for the duration for the week, you are given time to make and submit your icons, to a maximum of three. There is a set of word, image, and lyrical themes each week. Icons can be any combination of the three themes.
›› You are not allowed to distribute your icons anywhere online save for this screened submission post. This means no hosting your icons as LJ userpics, instead use a public image hosting site like ImageShack or PhotoBucket.
›› If you so wish, you can make two (or more) matching icons, and request that they be placed next to each other in the voting table. However, they would be voted for separately; this is so the competition is more fair considering the other submissions.
›› Images can be from the Honey and Clover anime, manga, movie, drama or live action.
›› You are permitted to use fanart AS LONG AS you credit the site you found it on, be it English or Japanese or anything else. If you are able to ask for permission to use the art in your icon, please do so.
›› Submitting one icon will earn you 2 cards at tcg_exchange, 2 icons will earn you 3 cards, and 3 icons will earn you 4 cards.

Voting (Saturday morning to Sunday night):
›› The submitted icons are collected and posted, and the community votes to the screened post on the best ones, in the placings 1st, 2nd and 3rd as well as a special category.
›› The special categories rotate through the following: Best Use of Color, Most Creative, Best Use of Text, Best Interpretation of Theme, Best Cropping, Best Design.
›› Please refrain from voting for yourself unless you truly believe your icon is the best. Also, don't get anyone else to vote for you, it's not fair to anyone and is just plain messy :')
›› Voting will earn you 1 card at tcg_exchange.

Winners (Sunday night, before the new submission post):
›› The votes are tallied and the winners are posted for each category as well as a Mod's Choice.
›› After this time, everyone can freely use the icons, with proper credit to the icon maker.
›› Placing first will earn you 2 cards at tcg_exchange, and any placing below that will earn you 1 card.
›› If you place first twice in a row, the next week you can only submit two icons. If you place first again, the next week you can submit one icon; if you place first once more, then it's requested that you take the next week off and start fresh the week after.
›› The same icon cannot win both a placing and the SC.

Interested in banner making? Go here for more info.

Current Banner Makers
›› pamparumpum
›› stellazeee catching up on backlog
›› xx_lotus_xx
›› orangedew

Interested in affiliating? Go here for more info.

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